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Click for larger viewDr. Mary Hilaire (aka "Sally) Tavenner has led a most interesting life these past 62 years. She was born Sally Lynne Tavenner, fourth of seven children, in Lorain, Ohio. At the age of 17, she went to Syracuse, New York to become a Franciscan Sister, believing she had "a calling" to convent life. After almost twenty years, she found herself re-assessing life and choosing greater financial poverty and complete insecurity--over her continued commitment to religious life in the Catholic Church. "At the age of 35, after 18 years in the convent, I left the order with three black dresses, a guitar, a broken typewriter two suitcases, and a trunk of letters and school books. After almost twenty years, the Mother General begrudgingly sent me off with a check for $1,000. This was given in payment for room and board with friends for ten months."

"It took about five years to become financially stable again. After teaching in Catholic Schools for 15 years, it was a real eye-opener to find myself teaching in a Black, desperately poor, inner-city school of Tampa, Florida. The elementary school was so violent we had a full-time police officer wearing a gun. I was told, in 1985, it was the only elementary school in Florida requiring this kind of protection."

After three-plus years in Sulfur Springs Elementary, Dr. Tavenner spent two years teaching in the highest socio-economic schools of Hillsborough County. This was a neighborhood where George Steinbrenner and Wade Boggs lived. Old money, new money. Lots of money and "much of the arrogance which may, at times, come with having lots of money".

During this time, Sally, deciding to keep her religious name of Hilaire, drove a small motorcycle, lived in a studio apartment, and went back to school at the University of South Florida. After eight years of long, hard effort, she earned her doctorate in Reading/Language Arts. She taught future teachers as an associate for the University, but returned to live in Lorain, Ohio in 1993 after her mother's doctor suggested Mrs. Tavenner's poor health would best be served by moving her into a nursing home. Hilaire had no reason not to and every desire to return to the home of her childhood to assist her mother in every and any way possible. Hilaire had lived in Florida for ten years.

Dr. Tavenner's mother had been diagnosed with emphysema 15 years prior, but now it was chronic. Her lung specialist told Hilaire he believed her mother "had six months to live". Moving home was an answer to both of their prayers. Her mother needed help to remain in the family home and Hilaire had always dreamed of writing. During THE SIX YEARS her mother continued to live, Hilaire produced four books: Nun of This and Nun of That, a lengthy realistic fiction of convent life in the 1960's, and the sequel, Nun of This and Nun of That, Book Two, she also wrote France, 1996: Memoirs of a writer in France, the adventures recorded from two weeks in France during the summer of 1996, and A Portrait of Helen Steiner Rice: A Lorain Version, which is a brief yet most informative biography of Helen Steiner Rice. 

Her mother, and uncontestedly her dearest source of unconditional love and support died February 21, 1999. "I stayed home for a year because I knew I needed at least that much time to grieve this most profound of losses. Some believed I should not embrace my solitude, but I felt it absolutely essential for my emotional pain to process." After Mother died Dr. Tavenner produced four more books: Peru 2002: Memoirs of a writer in Peru, Memories of Mom: They called her Dutch, Friendship with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Puerto Rico 2006.

Dr. Tavenner has befriended movie stars, famous families, and "characters" of every sort! Her mother would say, "I don't know anyone who has more of an assortment of friends than you have!" One of these friends, Becky Whittington, once quipped, "Hilaire, you are the only person I know who lives under the illusion that you have 300 intimate friends."

Presently, Dr. Tavenner lives in the family homestead of four generations. After serving for 3 years as education director at The  Sylvan Learning Center of Sheffield, Ohio, "Doc" left Sylvan to establish her own business of DUTCH INK whereby she is self-employed as a free lance public speaker, educator, and writer, among her other responsibilities. In addition to this, Dr. T taught adult education, GED and ESOL classes for 15 years part time for Lorain City Schools and Lorain County Community College (ABLE program).  

Dr. Tavenner retired in 2015 and continues her many interests---especially fighting for the rights of the unborn children; supporting our American President, Donald J. Trump; serving in her St. Anthony Church Parish and from November 1, 2018 until April 25, 2019, Dr. Tavenner was producing her own radio broadcast program: “Dr. T., Ph.D.” with the help of Bold Brave Media.  All of her 24 weekly programs are accessible on the home page of this website: .   To make a copy and e-mail a specific program to anyone, simply click on the radio topic of interest, click on on top, then left click: hit copy, then paste this information to where you would like to send it---to anyone having an e-mail address.

And a little more about Dr. Tavenner:


  • Ph.D. Reading/Language Arts, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 1993
  • M.A. Religious Studies, St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia, PA 1982
  • B.A. Education, Catholic University, Washington, DC 1974
  • A.A. Liberal Arts, Maria Regina College, Syracuse, NY 1970
  • High School Diploma, Lorain High School, Lorain, OH 1966


  • Private education in New York, Ohio and Florida 15 years, grades 6-8.
  • Public education in Tampa, Florida 6 years, grades 2-6.
  • Taught most junior high aged students science and English; also taught English in Puerto Rico. Have taught special education, TOEFL, ESOL, SAT, PSAT, ACT, CLAST, GED courses.
  • Associate Professor at the University of South Florida, teaching future educators the skills of teaching children to read.

The following assignments were all in Ohio.

·         Adjunct for Lorain County Community College, teaching students survival skills in college, writing/English classes, literature enrichment.

  • Adjunct for Cleveland State University, teaching foreign students the basics of business communication.
  • Adjunct for Ashland University, teaching master level students behavioral management.
  • Adjunct for Tiffin University, adult psychology and communications.
  • Education Director for Sylvan Learning Center, Sheffield, OH, 3 years.
  • Part time Reading/Writing GED/ESOL Adult Education instructor for Lorain City Schools for three years.
  • Co-authored Understanding, Implementing, and Managing Virtual Work with Michael Dziak of e-Works in Atlanta, GA for Lorain County Community College at the request of Dr. Roy Church, LCCC President.
  • "Mystery of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist Inspires Daily Life for Many" by Dennis Sadowski of the Catholic News Service, Arlington Catholic Herald, Arlington VA. Link:  July 15, 2021.
  • CURRENTLY freelance writer and public speaker for DUTCH INK PUBLISHING.

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