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 Dutch Ink is the literary home of Mary Hilaire Tavenner, Ph.D.

   Dr. Mary Hilaire (Sally Lynne) Tavenner, author, educator and public speaker, has authored nine books (including her dissertation) and taught 5,000 students over the past forty-five years.  She has given many hundreds of talks.  Dr. Tavenner, a former Syracuse Franciscan nun for nearly 20 years, worked as a script consultant for a $3,000,000.00 docudrama, (A Time for Miracles), on the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, produced by ABC-TV and aired nationally in 1980.  As a direct result of almost 15 years of effort, in her hometown, of Lorain, OH, Dr. Tavenner, was was able to obtain an elementary school in Lorain, to honor fellow writer, Helen Steiner Rice.  On October 14, 2007, citizens of Lorain dedicated this new elementary school at 4500 Tacoma Avenue, to honor Helen Steiner Rice.  (Helen was born and is buried in Lorain)

        Dr. Tavenner is a writer, public speaker and educator. She has authored numerous publications on topics ranging from convent life in the 1960s, Nun of This and Nun of That: Books One and Two, to the life of Helen Steiner Rice, A Portrait of Helen Steiner Rice: A Lorain Version, to a collection of short stories about popular French Saints and her two week odyssey in France, titled France,1996: Memoirs of a Writer in France; MEMORIES OF MOM,  They Called her "Dutch".      Dr. T has also penned a memoir of her trip to  Peru, Peru 2002, and My Friendship with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Her latest book for Puerto Rico, 2006: Memoirs of a Writer in Puerto Rico was read and endorsed by the Lt. Governor/Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock.  Mr. McClintock actually provided the forward to the book.

An experienced public speaker, Dr. T. speaks on a myriad of topics related to her publications and her life experiences.

Here's an interesting article that was published in The Lorain Morning Journal "A Dream Come True".

Here's a "YouTube" video of receiving Helen Steiner Rice Plaque by   Dr. Tavenner 

Here's a "YouTube" video of Dr. Tavenner 

A Mock Interview with Dr. Tavenner & Mr. David James,<click to view

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